eAPM©: economic Application Portfolio Management

As a CIO, you are expected to lead your company’s digital transformation. Your best and brightest people should be creating new value with the business. With the eAPM© approach, you raise your IT performance, driving efficiencies so that you can secure your “run” activities and create the financial leeway for innovation or modernization.

Your growth potential relies on the mastering of your legacy

Today, IT is not just a technology supplier, but a business partner. Businesses increasingly expect start-up qualities from their IT teams:  rapid innovation, agility and collaboration between the business and IT on new solutions and reducing time to market.
To be a true partner to the business, IT organizations must achieve industrialized delivery - continuously optimized cost and a well-managed portfolio. This frees up budget and resources for innovation or modernization of legacy applications and, importantly, strengthens the credibility of IT teams with their business stakeholders. 

This tenet is supported by our in-depth research, backed by hard data - Capgemini has analyzed 67,000 applications over 100 portfolios across multi-national companies in 13 industries resulting in more than 1 million data points derived. The resulting report on “Best practices for mastering IT performance” clearly demonstrates the benefits of a strong, industrialized delivery to foster the adoption of innovative technologies and generate significant business value for organizations.

A proven operational approach to raise IT performance

eAPM© is the result of five years of ongoing research and innovation to develop strong assets focused on creating IT efficiency.   
eAPM© combines a proven assessment methodology and world class tooling for data visualization and analysis to evaluate your current IT foundations – the portfolio, the operating model and the sourcing strategy – and find the levers to unlock your growth potential. 
By identifying performance actions and tracking KPIs in the Links Dashboard, you can improve IT performance to create and demonstrate successful transformation.

With eAPM©, you leverage the best practice benchmarks we have created to systematically identify areas of performance improvement so that business as usual is secured, time to market is increased and IT costs are dramatically and continuously reduced. The end result is what we call the Industrial Model for IT.

Our unique, fact-based approach helps :
  • Simplify your application portfolio to improve time to market
  • Tune your operating model to raise operational excellence to a new level
  • Align your sourcing strategy to your future needs
In as little as 8 weeks, we can deliver a detailed, fact based, pragmatic action plan and a business case for transformation.

Embrace a new leadership opportunity

As technology develops at an unprecedented pace, CIOs need to challenge the status quo and make bold decisions on what core areas to retain control over for the coming years and what new skills to develop. 
If you are a CIO or an IT leader looking to transform your IT, eAPM© provides you a clear platform to take your rightful place as a business partner.

Our growing number of clients across industry sectors are testimony to the effectiveness and timeliness of our solution.  To explore how eAPM© could benefit your business, call us.
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