IBX Supplier Network

Connect and collaborate with more than half a million suppliers worldwide. IBX Supplier Network offers a full range of features and benefits for both buyers and suppliers.

Connect, Engage and Collaborate

For many businesses, managing multiple suppliers can be time-consuming and difficult. Finding and connecting with suppliers can be even harder. Companies need a one-stop shop to help them:

  • Manage orders, invoices and relationships
  • Adopt ready-made supplier catalogues for spot purchasing
  • Request tailor-made supplier catalogues

Your Single Buyer and Seller Marketplace Online

The IBX Supplier Network connects buyers and suppliers online, backed by a full suite of products and services, including:

  • Quote and bid engines
  • Catalogue, order and invoice management
  • Supplier activation
  • Managed services
  • Marketing and advertising

Buyers can:

  • Access more than half a million suppliers worldwide
  • Invite suppliers to start connecting and collaborating in one place

Suppliers can:

  • Access a self-service functionality to manage relationship data, order and invoices
  • Market to prospective buyers
  • Gain detailed insights on how individual buyers interact with content

Leverage Value for Buyers and Suppliers

IBX Supplier Network is the leading open supplier network suite, offering benefits for both buyers and suppliers. Our network implementations have resulted in up to 40% fewer support calls and 75% fewer document routing costs for buyers. For suppliers, the network lowers servicing costs since all relevant data is available on the network, and reduces processing costs by up to 75%.

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