Global Enterprise Model

We believe that collaboration is the key to any successful BPO partnership and will work with you to design and implement the best operating model for your business.

What we have been able to achieve in terms of the competitive advantage from this transformation has been cost efficiency and the ability to have scalable growth safely, efficiently, on a world wide scale.

Robert Weltevreden
Head of Finance Services,Syngenta

Opportunities of Disruptive Technologies for Business Operations

Disruptive social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies are driving the new wave of change for global enterprises. As companies look to transform their operations to respond to this shift and take advantage of the opportunities, many are finding great value in having a BPO partner. But one that can provide a global standard solution that consistently drives process excellence across different locations and business units. 

A Proven Methodology for Driving Business Transformation

Capgemini’s Global Enterprise Model (GEM) is a platform-based, business transformation and benchmarking methodology for engineering and delivering the right operating model for your business. With this approach you’ll achieve more efficient and effective business operations while minimizing cost and risk. 

The GEM methodology is comprised of seven levers:

  1. Grade Mix (building  the right team structure)
  2. Location Mix (choosing  where the services will best be delivered)
  3. Competency Model (developing the right level of expertise)
  4. Global Process Model (providing a repository of best-in-class processes documenting all day-to-day tasks)
  5. Technology (using software blueprints to improve delivery)
  6. Pricing (aligning the business model with your desired business outcomes)
  7. Governance (ensuring the right communication and escalation among all stakeholders)

Part of the governance includes our Command Center that aggregates efficiency and effectiveness metrics to report back to you. This gives you valuable insight into your day-to-day process across each lever, enabling you to make critical decisions quicker and improve your operations.

Our unmatched Global Process Model will enable you to:

  • Expedite the design of your target operating model for Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain, Customer Operations, and HR processes
  • Avoid costly and lengthy consultancy engagements with a proven transformation methodology that takes half the time of traditional approaches
  • Realize cost savings and return on investment within the first 12 months
  • Minimize risk with a strong benchmarking model to analyze business operations 

Experience that Counts

Capgemini is a global leader in business process outsourcing and our GEM is built on 17 years experience. You also benefit from our proven best practices and best-in-class process, which are based on over 100 BPO and Shared Services Implementations.
We believe that collaboration is the key to any successful partnership and will work with you to design and implement the best operating model for your business, incorporating the right mix of people, processes and technology platforms to deliver outcomes that align with your business agenda. Together, we can elevate the value of your enterprise and drive future growth. 

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