Ron Tolido

Ron Tolido
Experte in: Applications Innovation

I absorb technology and business trends, filter out what matters and inspire our clients in understanding how to apply technology to transform their business. I believe in finding natural balance between business and IT, in proper timing, in seeking the Zen within technology.

I am a software architect, an IT strategist, a publicist and a speaker.

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Meine Erfahrung

  • CTO Applications Continental Europe
    @ Capgemini
    Von Januar 2010 bis Dezember 2012
  • Governing Board Member
    @ Open Group
    Von März 2005 bis November 2012
  • VP and CTO Capgemini NL
    @ Capgemini
    Von Januar 2004 bis Dezember 2008
  • Technology Consulting manager
    @ Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
    Von Januar 2001 bis Dezember 2003
  • Unix Systems Specialist
    @ Olivetti / AT&T
    Von Januar 1984 bis April 1986
  • IT consultant
    @ Siemens
    Von April 1982 bis Januar 1984

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