Links CIO Performance Dashboard

Gain ultimate flexibility and control over your IT performance. In just a few clicks, the Links CIO Performance Dashboard delivers both “big picture” insights and the specific details you need to set your IT transformation strategy in motion.

Take Control of Your IT Transformation

In today’s world of technology-enabled business innovation, CIOs are increasingly challenged to:  
  • Innovate and modernize IT
  • Improve agility, time to market and service quality
  • Reduce operating costs
An industrial model for IT that addresses structural transformation can help address these challenges. To steer the transformation, businesses need secure, reliable access to information about applications, organization and costs.

Track Key Transformation KPIs

Links is the foundation of a Software-as-a-Service solution that helps you get the right information to steer your transformation strategy and track the effectiveness of implemented actions.  
Links measures data against 100 industry benchmarks and provides 120 different data representations to identify vulnerabilities and set out actions to:
  • Simplify your application portfolio
  • Improve the efficiency of your end-to-end operating model
  • Quantify savings using financial patterns
By identifying performance actions and tracking KPIs in the Links Dashboard, you can improve IT performance to create and demonstrate successful transformation.

A Proven Asset

Numerous clients across a variety of sectors have leveraged the power of the Links CIO Performance Dashboard to set up their transformation agenda.
Using our six-week assessment approach, we deliver an industrial model for IT tailored to your specific needs, followed by a detailed transformation plan and business case.


To learn more about how Links can help you transform, contact:

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