Real-time Dialogue

When it comes to online marketing effectiveness, conversation rates are disappointing. Capgemini believes that part of the problem is that companies have adopted an approach of talking AT customers, rather than WITH them. A fundamental human characteristic has been forgotten: We like to engage in conversation, where we both hear and are heard.

Staying in touch with customers in a digital world

Marketing departments are investing heavily in digital channels, but many businesses struggle to understand what online customers want and to make relevant, timely offers.

The challenge is that human beings like to be heard as well as to hear – but in the digital world, it’s often more of a monologue. Please watch our animation to find out how this affects customers.

The lack of conversation explains why digital conversion rates are typically far lower than those in physical stores.


Real-time Dialogue: Re-establishing a Conversation with your Customers in a Digital World


Establishing a real-time dialogue

The answer is to establish a genuine dialogue with the customer. This means tracking customer behavior in real-time and triggering a direct, relevant response to every click or action.

To make this happen, three steps are needed:

  1. Review your channel strategy to break down barriers between channels, and track customers across multiple channels using data management platforms.
  2. Adopt real-time analytics so that you can instantly make relevant offers to customers, based on up-to-date information.
  3. Realign the technology landscape, and the business as a whole, around real-time dialogue with customers.


A practical approach

Capgemini has developed a Real-time Dialogue self-assessment app to help you assess your company’s current ability to manage and interact with customers, and set priorities to achieve real-time individualized offers.

Download the app:

The app consists of around 40 questions in which you will get a view of your company’s current ability to have proper dialogues with your customer. It consists of 4 fundaments; Value drivers, Channels, Insights and Data.

We also offer tools to help you implement solutions. For example, our Real-time Dialogue framework creates a clear roadmap for achieving accurate data management, alignment between business and IT, and an overall commitment to moving to real-time conversation and to becoming an insight-driven business.

Drawing on expertise from our Digital Customer Experience and Insights & Data work, we offer end-to-end solutions that will improve your customers’ satisfaction.


Find out more

Interested in creating meaningful, relevant customer dialogues? Download our app or contact one of our CVA team.

Jeroen van Zeeland
Real-time Dialogue Framework and CVA

Ruurd Dam
Head of CVA, Insights & Data

Thomas Boersma
FS and CVA Thought Leader

Tim Doorduijn
CVA, CPRD, Assets specialist

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