SAP Best-Run Now Packages

Most recently, to address our clients’ need for affordable solutions that deliver ROI quickly, we’ve supported SAP’s development of "Best-Run Now" (BRN) packages. These solutions allow you to address priorities that have the biggest impact on your business NOW, while establishing best-practices and processes that support your business in the future.

Best-Run Now packages are short-term in scope and affordable in price – so you can get started quickly and realize benefits quickly.  Look for near-immediate performance improvements in areas such as Store Profitability for Retail Companies and Fuel Management & Cost Containment.

SAP has chosen Capgemini as its implementation partner on several Best-Run Now packages for a good reason – in fact, for several good reasons:

  • A demonstrated track record of delivering successful, tailored SAP solutions that meetor exceed client expectations. We have beenthe first, and often only, implementation partnerfor many of SAP’s strategic initiatives.
  • Deliver SAP, Capgemini’s SAP delivery methodology that accelerates the realization of business benefits without adding risk or compromising quality.
  • Our Rightshore® capability and Distributed Delivery Framework afford our clients theopportunity to leverage 24/7 support.
  • The Consumer Products and Retail Solutions Center (CRESCENT) incollaboration with our global practice, hasindustrialized leading practices in consumerproducts and retail. CRESCENT houses anextensive repository of reusable businessobjects, including enhancements, layouts,interfaces, and reports that reduce developmenttime by 30 percent on average.
  • The Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment® (ASE): a creative workspacecoupled with a unique approach that inspires"group genius" to enable rapid businessdecision-making and the creation of innovative solutions.
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