Cloud Management Platform

Tame cloud complexity with a Cloud Management Platform

To compete and thrive in an era of continuous technology disruption, enterprises are transitioning to increasingly complex hybrid IT landscapes and multi-cloud environments. This demands greater IT automation.


Build your hybrid cloud with a Cloud Management Platform

A hybrid cloud setup is a great way to align your IT assets with your business goals. But it’s also highly complex to set up and run a hybrid cloud, with much of the service provisioning still relying heavily on manual activities. The result is a slow and error prone change process.

Automation makes all the difference. The automated processes within an effective Cloud Management Platform can cut the time taken to deploy a new service from weeks to just minutes.

Which cloud services should you automate?

A coherent cloud management platform (CMP) should form part of your wider cloud automation strategy. It’s how you connect your cloud operations with your business goals by bringing together services everybody wants and understands, automation to accelerate service provision, and an integrated team of critical roles and skills to build and run your hybrid cloud environment.

Our Cloud Choice experts can help you to implement a CMP within the context of your hybrid cloud. We will define an effective, highly automated operating model, and identify which services to automate to foster cloud adoption.

Taking cloud automation to new levels

Capgemini’s Cloud Automation services embrace CMP, as well as runbook automation and application release management. They are helping clients rapidly achieve an automated hybrid environment.

With greater automation, you will:

  • Slash the time to deploy a new service or roll out server configuration changes from weeks to just minutes.
  • Reduce provisioning errors by more than 70%
  • Ensure your configurations are current and accurate
  • Cut costs, save time, improve consistency, and increase reliability.