World Payments Report 2014 from Capgemini and RBS

Ten years after publishing the first World Payments Report, Capgemini and RBS continue to explore key payments transformation themes, ranging from innovation from all market participants, to new and increased competition from non-banks, to the acceleration of the fragmentation of the payments value chain.

Key findings

While regulatory demands are increasing nationally, regionally and globally, putting pressure on payments providers, effective data management is proving to be a good tool to support implementation activity and remain compliant. In addition, understanding impacts from regulations that cross-over one another, and understanding those that conflict, will enable smoother implementations.

Explore the report fully at our new interactive site Here are a few report highlights and areas where you may want to go deeper.

  • The number of non-cash transactions globally is projected to have increased by 9.4% in 2013 (to 366 billion transactions). Find out how this growth is fueled by rapid growth in developing markets and m-payments.
  • As banks face the increasing volume and complexity of key regulatory and industry initiatives (KRIIs), what opportunities exist to better manage KRIIs and achieve some return on compliance investments?
  • The time is now for PSPs to develop a long-term vision for payments processing and implement a series of short-cycle projects to drive them to their vision and deliver immediate business benefits/value. Short-cycle projects will provide PSPs with agility to react customers’ fast-evolving and unpredictable demands.
  • Innovation and convergence are likely to accelerate, resulting in multiple changes in product mix and business models. Find out if this could lead to less expensive services for consumers and enterprises.

The World Payments Report 2014 is available for download at

World Payments Report interactive website

Explore the full landscape of payments with the World Payments Report website. There you can find:

  • Interactive graphs to explore non-cash payment volumes or mix by region and transactions by inhabitant for over 25 countries
  • A focus on e- and m-payments, key regulatory initiatives, and future trends
  • Celebrating 10 years of insights with the World Payments Report


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Source: World Payments Report 2014, Capgemini and RBS

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